Images of the hotel H2 Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz

Here you see pictures of the accommodation room H2 Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz as well as interior and exterior views from other areas.


Pictures from the neighborhood

Here you see pictures of Panoramio images from the service area of the selected property H2 Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz.

Panoramio is a geolocation-oriented photo sharing website. Accepted photos uploaded to the site can be accessed as a layer in Google Earth and Google Maps, with new photos being added at the end of every month. The site's goal is to allow Google Earth users to learn more about a given area by viewing the photos that other users have taken at that place. The website is available in several languages.
Source: Wikipedia

Distance to major places of this property

  • Airport
    • Tegel (TXL) 9.7 km
    • Schönefeld (SXF) 18 km
  • Trainstation
    • Hauptbahnhof 3.7 km
    • Ostbahnhof 2.2 km
    • Spandau-West 15.5 km
  • Landmarks
    • Potsdamer Platz 3.4 km
    • Brandenburger Tor 2.8 km
    • Hauptbahnhof 3.7 km
    • Alexanderplatz 0.4 km
    • Olympia Stadion 12.4 km
    • Kurfürstendamm 8.2 km
  • Shopping
    • Friedrichstraße 2.1 km
    • Potsdamer Platz 3.4 km
    • Alexanderplatz 0.4 km
    • Europa-Center Berlin 6 km
    • KaDeWe 5.9 km
    • Kurfürstendamm 8.2 km