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The Wedding, which is also called as “der Wedding” in German is a district in the borough of Mitte, Berlin. It was once an isolated borough found inside the city of the northwestern area of Berlin. In the event of the Berlin 2001 administrative reform act, the district was combined with Mitte and Tiergarten. Simultaneously, the partial area of the eastern side of Wedding’s previous borough located on the other part of Reinickendorfer Straße, was detached, forming a new region of Gesundbrunnen. Wedding is the western boundary of one of the original refugee tunnels, which was excavated below the Berlin Wall. It stretches from the basement of a deserted factory that lies on Schönholzer Strasse in the Soviet region under Bernauer Strasse to another edifice in the west. The tunnel was closed down after a few days of operation as it was flooded by water due to leaking pipes. A part of the Berlin Wall underwent a renovation, which is close to the area of Bernauer Strasse, at the edge of the t

Wedding’s neighborhoods and regions include the English Quarter, Osram neighborhood, African Quarter, Brussels neighborhood and Sprengel neighborhood.

Based on a survey that was conducted last June 30, 2011, The Wedding has a population of 77,398 residents. The foreign population in the Wedding comprises 30%. Considered as one of the most ethnically varied regions in the city of Berlin, the multi-cultural ambiance is noticeable in the bilingual shop signs, which composed of German and Arabic or German and Turkish. Moreover, Asians, Europeans, Russians, Yugoslavians, Arabs, Turks, and Africans make up the ethnic inhabitants in The Wedding.

The mansion of the nobleman, identified as Rudolf de Weddinge, was situated on the small Panke River during the 12th century. Today, the area is known a Nettelbeckplatz. The farmstead was remained deserted until the 18th century, which was burned down several times. During the middle part of the 18th century, a spa village as well as a health resort was being constructed in Gesundbrunnen. At the same time, prostitution and gambling are becoming rampant in Wedding. Ernst Christian Friedrich Schering founded the Schering pharmaceutical company in 1864 on Müllerstraße. Since then, it has been a part of Bayer from 2006. In the middle of the years 1898 until 1906, a large hospital was erected at the edge of the west side of the region by the proposal of Rudolf Virchow.

During the later years of the 19th century, immigrants moved to The Wedding due to the cheap housing rents, giving the vicinity its multicultural atmosphere. Prominent for its communist working class, Wedding was identified as “Red Wedding” after the First World War, making it a sight of violent protests, which occurred on May 01, 1929.

After the Second World War, Wedding and Reinickendorf, composed Berlin’s French region. The edifices located on the north side of Bernauer Straße and the street, as well as the sidewalks were part of the French region. On the other hand, the southern area belonged in the Soviet territory.

Several significant places to look forward when visiting the Wedding are Nettelbeckplatz, Beijing Place and Leopold Square. Enjoy breathtaking sceneries in their wonderful green areas such as Schiller Park, Goethe Park and Rehberge Park.

Wedding may not yet encounter the gentrification and boom, which occurred in the 1990’s, yet its original atmosphere, has been maintained. It is believed that it is a place to find compassion for the working class in Berlin.

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