District Berlin Tempelhof

In the seventh Berlin borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg, lies the locality of Tempelhof. The Tempelhof region is situated in the south-central part of Berlin’s city, which is the site of the previous Tempelhof Airport. The Tempelhof Airport is recognized as one of the original commercial airports in the world. However, the site is now abandoned. When looking at the maps of Berlin, the airport bares a blank point. At present, plans are being prepared in an effort to save the structure.

The district of Tempelhof

as well as the areas of Lichtenrade, Mariendorf, and Marienfelde is already an independent borough, which is also called Tempelhof, before the 2001 administrative reform act of Berlin. These localities have sprouted in the early years of the 13th century from historic towns of the German Ostsiedlung.

Tempelhof is known as a contemporary, full-size residential area, green spaces and industrial district. There are approximately 20,000 commercial and industrial businesses. A majority of which are famous international corporations. Some of the products, which these companies manufacture, are chocolate, ironwork, refrigerators, communication gadgets, razors, etc.

The Knights Templar

It was assumed that the Knights Templar has established the towns of Tempelhof, Marienfield, Rizdorf, and Marie village. There were no actual and accurate documents to support the notion. In the year 1312, Pope Clement V eliminated the Knights Templar. Its ownership was then transferred and renamed the Knights of St. John. It appears that the Knight Tempelhofer refused the idea. Eventually, in 1318, it was legally handed over to the Hospitallers. St. John was made the commander and on 1435, he sold the four towns in the city of Berlin.

The Districts

The locality of Tempelhof has five adjacent districts. These are Steglitz, in the southwestern area, Schoneberg in the west, Kreuzberg in the north, Neukolln in the east, Britz in the southeast, and Mary located in the south village.

Physically, Tempelhof is the plateau of the Teltow, which is in the south of the Berlin-Warsaw glacial valley. It has a standard height of 45-60 metres above sea level. The northwestern Teltow, together with the Shepherd Mountain, escalates greatly beyond.

The heart of the village of Tempelhof, which is composed of the earliest estate and church, was initially enveloped by water. The farmers’ sons of 15 families from the Rhine who did not own any land joined the Templars. In return, the Templars offered them abundant soil as well as the fortification of the stronghold of Tempelhove.


In the early years of the 19th century, Tempelhof was still considered as a village on the outer area of Berlin. Integrated as Berlin’s Tempelhofer Vorstadt in 1861, the northern area of Tempelhof became a fragment of the Kreuzberg borough.


At present, Tempelhof is described by a combination of housing estates, apartment houses, parks, industrial sites, shopping centres, etc. The district of Tempelhof provides a selection of cultural spots like the Ufa-Fabrik, which is a venue for children’s festivals, comedy, and concerts.  With other several fascinating tourist spots such as the Tempelhof town hall, Park rest, Village Church Tempelhof, C-Halle, Ullsteinhaus, and many more, Tempelhof is absolutely a place worth visiting.

The settlers of Tempelhof adore the atmosphere. The place may have progressed in every area, yet it remains as a village, where everyone is familiar with each other and looks out for each other.

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