Dirstrict Berlin Spandau

Spandau is the fifth of the twelve boroughs of Berlin, Germany. It is the fourth largest and it is also the westernmost borough. It is situated at the confluence at the Havel and Spree rivers and and it is along the bank of the Havel, though this is the least populated. Spandau is bordered in the west by the districts of Oberhavel, Havelland, and the city of Potsdam which is in the federal state of Bradenburg. The place is high in modern industries such as metal working, chemical manufacturing and carpet production. The Spandau Prison, the notorious prison that was demolished in 1987 was also located here. The Spandau Ballet, a British new romantic band, took their name from the Spandau borough in the British sector of the former West Berlin. The Rathaus Spandau, which was occupied by the borough headquarters, built a town hall in 1913.

In 2010, Spandau had a total population of 223,962, of whom 27% or about 62,000 had a migration background or were of non-German ethnicity. The Germans who have no migration background or “Ethnic Germans” have a total number of 73%, which is around 165,000. On the other hand, the Germans who have migration backgrounds or are foreign citizens have a total of 62,000 or 27% of the total population. 9% or 20,400 goes to Middle easter/ Muslim Origin like Turkey, Arab League, Iran, etc. 6 % or 13,600 goes to (non-German) EU-European migration background esp. Poles, Romanians etc., African background/Afro-Germans such as people from Ghana, Nigeria, Kamerun, etc. comprises 3% of the population or 7,000. Lastly, 9% or 20,400 of the population belong to the East Asians, Russians, Serbs, and others.

Spandau is divided in 9 localities. The localities are Spandau, Haselhorst, Siemensstadt, Staaken, Gatow, Kladow, Hakenfelde, Falkenhagener Feld, and Wilhelmstadt.

Citizen of Spandau

There are a number of notable people that are from Spandau. These people are Bela B., musician, born December 14, 1962, Robert Hoyzer, former football referee, born August 28, 1979, Ivan Rebroff, singer, born July 31, 1931, died February 27, 2008 in Frankfurt, Erna Sack, soprano, born February 6, 1898, died March 2, 1972 in Mainz, and Sıla Şahin, German actress of Turkish descent, born December 3, 1985

Spandau participates in the international town-twinning; its partners are: Luton, United Kingdom since 1950, Siegen, Germany since 1952, Asnières-sur-Seine, France since 1959, Ashdod, Israel since 1968, Boca Raton, Florida, USA 1979 until May 2003, znik, Turkey since 1987, Nauen, Germany since 1988, and Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland. 


Some famous Spandau architectural structures are still being seen in the city. A sample of this is the Zitadelle Spandau, which was designed in 1562 by Italian architect Francesco Chiaramella de Gandino in the style of a French fortress, the construction was finally completed 34 years later by Count Rochus zu Lynar. Today, the Kommandantenhaus or the “Commander's House” has been converted into a Museum of Local History or the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Spandau. Art exhibitions are also organized within the fortress and at the same time, local culture is also being preserved. 

The Spandau forest

The Spandau forest is located between Berlin and Potsdam, just north outside of the Spandau suburbs. The forest is over 1,000 hectares in size and contains several picnic places, playgrounds for kids, and a numerous nature reserves that houses different types of flowers and plants. 

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