District Berlin Schöneberg

The community was initially documented in the 1264 deed from Margrave Otto III associated with Brandenburg. In 1751 Bohemian artisans founded Neu-Schöneberg also called Böhmisch-Schöneberg along north Hauptstraße. During the Seven Years of War in 7 Oct 1760, Schöneberg and its particular village cathedral were totally damaged because of the joint strike on Germany’s capital by Habsburg as well as Russian troopers.

The Beginning

Alt & Neu Schöneberg were not mixed as one organization right up until 1874, and also obtained town privileges in 1898. Within the following year it had been extricated from the Kreis Teltow and became a Prussian Stadtkreis (self-sufficient or independent city). Many of the former bucolics or peasants obtained wealth by promoting their acres of lands towards the settlement companies of developing Berlin and constructed magnificent estates on Hauptstraße. The massive government building Rathaus Schöneberg had been designed in 1914. In 1920 Schöneberg grew to become a part of Greater Berlin. Subsequent to the Second World War, the Rathaus became the city hall of West Berlin in 1991 when theadministration from the reunited City of Berlin relocated back to the Rotes Rathaus in Mitte.

The locality of Schöneberg includes the particular neighbourhoods associated with Bayerisches Viertel (a good well-off residential district having pavement named following Bavarian towns) and also Rote Insel (Red Island) as well as the Südgelände (South Grounds) as well as Lindenhof areas beyond the Ringbahn circle.

Gay Schöneberg

The area around the Nollendorfplatz has been an epitome of gay life in Berlin since the 1920s and early 1930s during the Weimar Republic. The night club called El Doradolocated on Motzstrasse was closed down by the coming to power Nazis in 1933. Otto Dix, a painter and printmaker used patrons of this club as subjects for some of his masterpieces. Christopher Isherwood lived around the block from Nollendorfstraße. The apartment that he used to live in was his basis for his book Goodbye to Berlin, written in 1939, and his musical Cabaret in 1966, and the film Cabaret in 1972. The event is commemorated by a plaque on the building.

Born in Schöneberg

There are famous people who were born in Schöneberg. Some of these people are Blixa Bargeld, a musician, and was born on January 12, 1959, Marlene Dietrich, actress, born December 27, 1901, Gisèle Freund, photographer, born December 19, 1908, Wilhelm Furtwängler, conductor, born January 25, 1886, Alfred Lion, co-founder of the Blue Note jazz record label, born April 21, 1909, Helmut Newton, photographer, born October 31, 1920, Nelly Sachs, writer, holder of the 1966 Nobel Prize for Literature, born December 10, 1891, and Willi Stoph, politician, born July 9, 1914. 

Live in Schöneberg

Also, some famous people chose to live in Schöneberg. These people are Hans Baluschek, painter lived at the Ceciliengärten housing estate 1929-1933, Paul Burridge (Born 1959) lived at Winterfeldt Straße 83 from June 2006 - October 2008, Friedrich Luft (1911–1990) (Theatre Critic, Author and Broadcaster) Maienstraße 4, Paul Zech Naumannstraße 78, Annemarie Renger (1919–2008) (President of the Bundestag 1972 -1976) Bülowstrasse, Albert Einstein (1879–1955) Haberlandstraße 5, Hilde Hildebrand (1897–1976) (Actress) Voßbergstraße 2 (1930–32), David Bowie (Born 1947) and Iggy Pop (Born 1947) Hauptstraße 155, Gottfried Benn (1886–1956) Bozener Straße 20, Klaus Kinski, actor, lived on Wartburgstraße 3 1930-1944, Friedrich Naumann (1860–1919) Naumannstrasse, and Rudolf Steiner and Marie Steiner-von Sivers Motzstraße 30 1903-1923.

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