District Berlin Reinickendorf

Reinickendorf is the twelfth borough of Berlin, Germany. It includes the northwest area of the city, The Berlin Tegal Airport, Lake Tegel, and also includes big, spacious and luxurious detached settlements or houses as well as housing estates like Märkisches Viertel. The place is a very green district with much water and neighborhoods have the typical “small town” cityscape. Besides the airport, there are minor tourist spots that are of interest to the tourists, especially the ones in Tegel for its architectural design.

Reinickendorf Landmarks

Some of these landmarks include the Schloss Tegel, which is a medium sized classical-looking castle designed by the famous K.F. Schinkel that was built in 1820 to 1824. It was also called "Humboldtschlösschen", for the reason that Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt (and their family) lived here before. Next is the Dicke Marie, which shows an old oak tree that has been growing since 1192, which is the oldest tree in Berlin and is actually older than Berlin itself. The IBA-Bauten at Tegeler Hafen located in the U-Bahn station Alt-Tegel is a bunch of remarkable buildings that were built during an International Building Exhibition in 1984 to 1988.The Borsigwerke and Borsigturm, which are ex-industrial buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century. The place is now used for offices, a shopping mall and some places for entertainment. And the Lubas, which is one of the oldest and most authentic villages in the outskirts of Berlin that dates back to 1247. The houses and villages still look the same as they did hundred years ago.


Reinickendorf is divided in 10 localities. The localities, with its population shown in brackets, are Reinickendorf (73,847), Tegel (33,873), Konradshöhe (6,031), Heiligensee (17,800), Frohnau (17,309), Hermsdorf (16,950), Waidmannslust (10,316), Lübars (5,021), Wittenau (29,597), and Märkisches Viertel (35,833).


Reinickendorf participates in the international town-twinning; its partners are: Vogelsbergkreis, Germany since 1964, Lauterbach since 1966, Antony, France since 1966, London Borough of Greenwich, United Kingdom since 1966, Kiryat Ata, Israel since 1976, Bad Steben, Germany since 1988, Melle, Germany since 1988, and Blomberg, Germany since 1990. 


Reinickendorf is also one of the 299 single members or constituencies used for the German parliament, the Bundestag. Located in northwest Berlin, the constituency was created for the purpose of the 1990 election, the first election right after the German unification. The first two elections held in 1990 and 1994 were won by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). The constituency was then regained by the SPD or the Social Democratic Party of Germany in 1998 but was one of several Berlin districts which the CDU gained at the 2009 election. 

At the 2011 elections for the parliament of the borough or also known as Bezirksverordnetenversammlung, the parties and the number of candidates that were voted were the CDU or the Christian Democratic Union of Germanywith 26 candidates, the SPD or the Social Democratic Party of Germany with 17 candidates, the Alliance '90/The Greens with 8 candidates and lastly, the Pirate Party with 4 candidates.

More Landmarks

Some interesting places in Reinickendorf include the places like Leisure Park Tegel, White City, Humboldt Castle, The Buddhist House, Tegeler See, Greenwich Promenade, Lübars Farm, and the Teichstrasse Operating Theatre Bunker. 

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