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As part of the 2001 administrative reform in Berlin, which was occupied by the previous borough of Hohenschönhausen, Lichtenberg is considered as the eleventh borough of Berlin, Germany. Two zoological gardens named Friedrichsfelde and Tierpark Berlin is found in Lichtenberg. Moreover, located in the region is a place of the large headquarters centre of the East German intelligence organization called the Stasi. The central office of the Soviet Military Administration in Berlin was positioned in Lichtenberg before the GDR was launched. What was once the headquarters complex is now the German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst which is located on the area on the centre of the reformatory of the Stasi.

Right at the centre of the executive region in Lichtenberg lays the district of Lichtenberg. In the eastern side of Rhinstraße you could find the Landsberger Allee, while on the northern part, the Storkower could be seen. Meanwhile, located on the west is the volcano, and on the south, creating a shape of letter S, Bahn line S5, is positioned at the edge of the district.


The region of Lichtenberg is splitted into ten zones. These zones include Friedrichsfelde, Karlshorst, Falkenberg, Malchow, Lichtenberg, Alt-Hohenschönhausen, Neu-Hohenschönhausen, Fennpfuhl, Wartenberg, and Rummelsburg.


During the 13th century, Lichtenberger’s village church was created. This old town is still considered as the heart of the region. The remarkable village of Lichtenberg as well as the areas of Mahlsdorf, Hellersdorf, Kaulsdorf, Friedrichsfelde, Biesdorf, Karlshorst, and Marzahn was included in the Greater Berlin Act of 1920, regarded as the 17th borough in Berlin, Germany.


According to a survey that was done in the 1800’s, the real old town has only 326 dwellers. The only commercial projects at that time were brickyard, blacksmith, mill, and tavern. During that period, houses were described as small, compact, low mud houses that include thatched roofs. People wore short jackets, colorful nightcaps, and leather pants. The language that was spoken at that era was Low German.


Minor developments occurred in the year 1970’s as large pre-fabricated high-rise housing manors were constructed in the eastern part of Lichtenberg. However, this area was detached and turned out to be a new borough of Marzahnn. It also comprised other areas such as Hellersdorf, Kaulsdorf, Mahlsdorf, and Biesdorf in the year 1979. In 1986, the area was divided into two boroughs, which are Hellersdorf and Marzahn, and were once again combined in the administrative reform in 2001, known as Marzahn-Hellersdorf.


Towards the end of the 19th century until 1945, significant developments in the area occurred. Lichtenberg became a major profitable centre. The appearance of new factories contributed a lot to its profitability. These factories are Margarine works Berolina of 1909, Siemens & Halske, which was later known as Elektrokohle Lichtenberg, bakeries, a fish meal factory, sausage factories, and the North German ball-bearing factory GMBH of 1938-1939. The economic development of the place was fortified as two major hospitals were built. These hospitals are known as the Asylum Herzberge, currently identified as Protestant Queen Elizabeth Hospital Herzeberge and Oskar-Ziethen Hospital.


In the middle of 1945 to 1990, right after the Second World War, large farms were confiscated. The year 1952 marks the beginning of development in the production of industrial goods. Some of the companies that make huge profits are VEB Elektrokohle Lichtenberg, Progress Men’s Clothing, and more.


As of 1990 until the present, Lichtenberg is a place that has truly developed. More structures have been added to the place such as shopping centres, hotels, furniture stores, and more. The tourism marketing project Lichtenberg that was launched in 2007 serves as a way to strengthen small and medium businesses. The project was even supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the businesspersons of Hohenschönhausen-Lichtenberg.

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