Berlin Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is regarded as one of the most diverse localities in Berlin. The borough is home to a combination of anarchists, gays, artists, punks, and Turkish settlers. The Turkish settlers composed a third of the inhabitants, which later on earned the nickname of “Little Istanbul”. Kreuzberg is a fraction of the merged Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg borough, which is situated in Mitte’s southern area. Kreuzberg was once a segregated zone of West Berlin and recognized as one of the poorest sector in Berlin. Later on, Kreuzberg appeared to be one of the cultural institutions in the heart of the reunited city of Berlin.

The locality of Kreuzberg has undergone renovations in the current years. Marketing agencies, designers, etc. are added to the place. Its local and foreign youth inhabitants who came from wealthy families moved into the refurbished lofts and roomy apartments. In the surrounding area, nightclubs, kebab establishments, as well as pictures of Abdullh Ocalan still exist. Although, Kreuzberg continues to flourish due to its diversity of culture and recognized by the majority as a pleasant place to live, the locality has still a high rate of unemployment and attained incomes at the lowest average in the city of Berlin.


Kreuzberg is surrounded in the eastern part of the Spree River. The Landwehr Canal surges through Kreuzberg from east to west. The locality of Kreuzberg is separated into two sections. These include Westliches Kreuzberg and Ostliches Kreuzberg.


As compared to other localities in Berlin, Kreuzberg has a quite short history. A group of Jewish inhabitants developed the area in the year 1820. Literally, its name means cross-hill. It has the summit of highest elevation, which is 217 feet or 66 metres above sea level. Its name is acquired from a monument by Karl Friedrich Schinkel in 1821. Kreuzberg is considered as a rural area until the 19th century.


Some changes occurred in the 1860s as industrialization made Berlin a well-progressed city. Widespread construction of houses was made in Kreuzberg. As a result, its population has also increased. Profitable small businesses emerged in Kreuzberg, making it the heart of Berlin’s industry. Unfortunately, the industrial quarters were heavily damaged on the night of February 3, 1945 during the Second World War.


After the Second World War, the law controlled the housing rents in Kreuzberg. Consequently, investors refused to invest. Housing rents became cheap, but of low quality. Apparently, the cheap rents attracted the immigrants to settle in the area. In the late 1960, more and more immigrants, artists, and students began to transfer to Kreuzberg.


After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the locality of Kreuzberg has suddenly recovered. Variety of people became more attracted to live in the area. Statistics have proven that the population increased twice compared in the last two decades.


In Kreuzberg’s history, the punk rock movement is famous and the other alternative subcultures in Germany. The youth crowd in Kreuzberg is greatly influenced by the African-American and hip-hop culture. The culture was introduced by the children of the American service men who were positioned in Kreuzberg until the union of Germany. A big festival in Kreuzberg called the “Carnival of Cultures” occurs annually. Various heritages and cultures are celebrated in colourful street parade, which has food, street entertainment, music, arts, and art craft shops.


Kreuzberg, despite its short and simple history, is a must-visit place for visitors who plan to explore the city of Berlin. Its famous and fascinating buildings, structures, museums, etc. are exciting to see. Kreuzberg welcomes visitors to a different world, where one could meet diverse people as well as discover its rich and interesting culture.

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